BitFlyer is Coming to Europe

The biggest crypto exchange from Japan, BitFlyer, will become accessible to residents of Europe. The exchange has its headquarters in Japan and has offices in the USA. On January 23rd, the Luxembourg Financial Supervisory Commission has approved of BitFlyer starting their activity in Europe.

BitFlyer stays in the world’s top 14 largest exchanges based on volume, with an average 24-hour trading volume of over $290 million. It initially targets the professional audience around the world – those who can invest higher amounts. Judging the recent regulatory implementations on many exchanges, BitFlyer comes right in time to expand the borders of European traders.

Their main focus lies in the trade of Bitcoins, which account in average the 24-hour volume trade more than 98% compared to other cryptocurrencies. However, the company plans to introduce more currencies in their European trade pattern, including Ethereum and Litecoin.

Since 2014, when the company was founded, their growth has reached impressive heights. In the summer of 2017, they announced their expansion to the US, with current headquarters in San Francisco. Many of the European investors were attracted since the exchange made their move to the West. Little time has passed, and now they are already the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Europe. With their integration, they offer an interesting promotion for the first traders. Until the end of February 2018, new users can trade on their platform without any fees. More information about trading opportunities with BitFlyer can be found on their official page.

The company has earned about $36 million in venture capital funding. It targets the improvement of more spheres which are involved in the blockchain technology. In the near future, we might see new blockchain researches leading to the improvement of the platform, the evolution of the FinTech sector and other actions originate from their side.

Their presence in Europe will allow many users to trade directly with people from Japan. The company has made a huge move up to this moment, and while South Korea and China have been busy by installing harsher regulations, Japan has stepped forward to regain the balance in the crypto market.

Yuzo Kano, the founder of the exchange, has expressed his ambitions to help to improve the regulatory status for the well-being of the cryptocurrency industry. He worked at Goldman Sachs for 10 years in the trading department and established the exchange with the Co-Founder, Takafumi Komiyama, spending days long coding in a bakery before they went big.

BitFlyer is not the only business in the crypto space that has emerged to be successful and change the lives of many in Japan. The country is continuing introducing cryptocurrencies in its payment systems involving diverse apps and platforms. Millions of users are getting accustomed to the changes, and there are also good sides. Last year, many people from China immigrated to Japan to avoid the ICO ban. Such occurrences and many of other innovative introductions lead to numerous young investors building their ground and boosting the crypto market in the land of the rising sun.


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