Top Crypto Gambling Websites in 2018

If you are looking for a website where you could spin the roulette, or bet on your favorite sports team using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you’re in the right place.

First and foremost, why is crypto gambling more convenient than the conventional way we are all used to? By betting with cryptocurrencies, the users can experience much quicker transactions, higher security, anonymity, and level of guarantee that the transactions won’t be corrupted.With Bitcoin’s rise in popularity, many gambling businesses started to accept crypto payments on their online platforms. As a user, you can now enjoy all the perks of Bitcoin payments on online gambling platforms.

Below is a list of websites that vary from ones that are fully anonymous to ones which require registration and some information from the user. Each of them has its advantages and drawbacks, but hopefully, the list will help you choose the most suitable one for you. 

The site lets its users play with or without registration and there are no regulations regarding who can do this. As its page claims, the website tries to bring the light into the dark gambling world.  With a user-friendly interface, the platform aims to not discriminate against inexperienced users, or those on a tight budget. Its strength lies in the high transparency, great customer service, and prompt payouts. If you are still new to online gambling, Stake is a good place to start off with.

Bitcoin Video Poker

Bitcoin Video Poker is an interesting platform where you can enjoy the classic style games, such as Video Poker. The whole concept was inspired by the gambling machines in Las Vegas. Similar to Stake, it offers high transparency and has a provably fair return of 99.5% or higher. The site offers only Bitcoin payouts, but with so many games and promotions, it would be a pity to not try it out.

Cryptogames has many games to choose from, and you can bet with different altcoins. It is a good site for entry-level players, as the interface appeals more to the standards of younger generations. The navigation is straightforward, and the registration process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes – all the website asks for is your email address.

Bitcoin Penguin 

Since its initiation in 2014, Bitcoin Penguin has improved considerably. It now accepts Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, with quick transactions that are kept on the website’s cold storage, adding a higher layer of security. You have to register on the site, but it’s completely anonymous, so your location can’t become an obstacle for betting on the website.

The site offers one of the safest services with a full anonymity, which few other platforms can guarantee. The accept customers residing anywhere in the world, and do not make you go through any formalities. It’s also one of the few gambling businesses that are officially licensed – has an official gambling license from the government of Curacao. The platform is regularly updated by iTech labs and has a wide range of games and markets you can bet your Bitcoins on.


A gambling website that only accepts Bitcoin, Nascasino is very reliable, and has some interesting bonuses available.  As a new user, you get different deposit bonuses based on the amount of your first deposit. With over 250 games available and quick transaction processing times, Nascasino might be the perfect choice for you.

Café Casino 

Cafe Casino has a good reputation as an online casino, but is not fully anonymous, as it requires you to specify your country of residence and name when you sign up. You can also pay in US dollars besides Bitcoin. They have an attractive range of games and promotions as well, which makes them very popular with gamblers around the world. If you aren’t against providing brief details about yourself, and you want to wager in dollars or Bitcoins, there are hardly any competitors to Café Casino.

Lucky Games 

Lucky Games is one of the few crypto gambling casinos that accept as much as about 30 cryptocurrencies. They are working to add even more currencies to the list, so you might be able to gamble even with the obscurest of digital currencies. They have a provably fair scheme assuring 100% of the fairness of games. The site is a reborn version of the previous and has a much-improved system compared to the old version. Anybody can register and gamble fully anonymously in one of the five existing games.

Of course, there are many more crypto-based gambling websites on the Internet, and you can continue the research on your own, and choose whichever one works best for you. However, be warned that there are a lot of scammy Bitcoin casinos as well, so might be a good idea to do a background check on the website’s history and reputation before joining them.

Crypto Gambling: The Future of Online Gambling

With the advancement of the blockchain technology, users can take advantage of the security, transparency, and convenience provided by cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies might not be the perfect medium to be used in many financial sectors, but when it comes to gambling, fiat currencies can hardly keep up with the perks provided by digital ones. For example, by gambling with Bitcoin, you get lower fees, higher level of anonymity, security, and experience shorter transaction execution time.

Of course, there are still many drawbacks to using cryptocurrencies on online gambling platforms. You’ve surely heard about the numerous cyber thefts in the crypto world, and about the low probability of ever finding the suspects. Such things have happened before, and not only in the cyberspace, but this time the level of security and anonymity are on a much higher level, so the risk of falling prey to a malicious hacker attack on a crypto gambling website is significantly lower. So, is it a good idea to gamble with cryptocurrencies?




Regulations are the key to providing safety for the customers. Besides regulated markets, solutions such as anti-money laundering and responsible gambling laws should be implemented on all online gambling platforms. But what happens when a gambling platform only accepts cryptocurrencies as payment methods and doesn’t have to ask for a user’s personal data in order to process their transactions? The short answer is full anonymity. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Gambling platforms that offer full anonymity and only deal with cryptocurrencies are the perfect ground for illegal activities – looking at underage gambling and money laundering. They are also open to just about anyone, meaning even people residing in countries where online gambling is illegal (such as the US) with a smart enough VPN can register and play on these websites.

Anonymity is one of the core points in crypto gambling, but there’s also a dark side to it. While every transaction on the blockchain can be seen, it’s not always clear who is behind it. Although miners can trace back to the origin of a transaction if they really try, few will go to that length just to solve a dispute with an anonymous customer. On the other hand, if a person is suspected of breaking the law by gambling online, the transactions can be decrypted fairly easily, especially when requested by authorities. All that to say, anonymity in crypto gambling is a sword with two edges – but it can work in your favor if you’re on a trustworthy website, and you’re not attempting anything illegal to begin with.

Transaction procedure

With cryptocurrencies, users can participate in gambling activities without worrying about their deposits and withdrawals taking too much time, or exorbitant fees. In accordance with the regulated markets principle, the blockchain technology takes care that each of the transactions is executed once they are placed. They cannot be reversed or repeated, which means that both the customer and the operator has a success guarantee. Furthermore, the process happens almost instantly on the blockchain, after which can be then viewed by anybody. Everything is fair and transparent, not to mention fast – which is crucial when you want to start playing your favorite games as soon as possible.

Fees are another big one. If you’ve been on any casino website ever, you’d know they tend to charge pretty high fees, especially for withdrawals. Don’t forget about your bank or credit card charging you commissions for each transaction, and it can add up pretty quickly. However, with crypto payments, you won’t have to worry about such things anymore, as the only fee you’ll have to pay will be a small flat fee per transaction, charged by the casino.

Fair or not?

Another issue which should be addressed is the provably fair. Provably fair stands for the way people perceive the fairness of the games, and if there wouldn’t be any way of proving that the game results were not fabricated, there would be fewer people willing to bet their Bitcoins on it. The idea behind provably fair is that the customer can see for themselves that the outcome of the game is the only one that could have existed. One method of accomplishing this is by creating two hashing keys (integers of numbers or a string of text). Before somebody bets, the player can set up his own key, and with the key provided by the operator, a unique hash is generated. This gives players the possibility to verify the hash (the result) against both keys.

The world of gambling has changed a lot when it moved from land-based shops to online platforms. Right now, it is undergoing another big change – a switch from traditional payment methods to digital currencies. Whether that will make the industry great again or will break it down is still a mystery, but you should be very careful about where and how you gamble your Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Casinos – The Ultimate Guide

Online gambling is one of the first industries to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. If you’re looking for the best online casino, sports betting bookmaker, or lottery that would gladly accept your Bitcoins, you’re in the right place. This is the ultimate guide to Bitcoin casinos – from the top six most trusty casino websites to what makes a good cryptocurrency bookmaker.

If you’re still wondering whether it’s a good idea to gamble your Bitcoins on one of these sites, the answer is a firm YES. The whole cryptocurrency thing is one big gamble anyway, so you won’t be risking more than you already do by actually gambling some of your Bitcoins. Another reason why you should try crypto gambling is the growing price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Whereas gambling with real currencies like USD and EUR put your earnings at the mercy of governments and banks, your Bitcoin earning will probably continue to increase in value over time. It’s like a present that keeps on giving! Lastly, the Bitcoin gambling niche is still fairly small compared to the fiat money gambling one. Fewer people mean more chances for you to win, snag juicy bonuses, and enjoy flawless customer service.

Bottom line is that as long as you don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose (which is what you should be doing when buying Bitcoins anyway), you are not taking any more risks than you already have. So why not have some fun while you’re at it?

But first and foremost, what should you be looking for in a cryptocurrency casino? It depends a lot on what kind of games and/or markets you are most into. Most Bitcoin bookmakers will combine casino games with poker and sports betting, but you can also come across purists that stick to only one niche. More on this in the Top 6 Bitcoin Casinos below.

Another factor that makes a good Bitcoin casino is their range of payment methods. Although you can find some websites that take both crypto and fiat currencies, we’d recommend you stick with one that only deals in cryptocurrencies. This will help you stay responsible and only spend the Bitcoins or altcoins you have, and not bring your credit card into the picture. Some websites like 1xBit take multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ether, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and more – which is perfect for people who own more than just Bitcoin!

You should always look for an online casino with transparent policies and sometimes good reviews. We say ‘sometimes’ because, as the niche is fairly new, some of these casinos have only been in business for under a year, and might not have many reviews to begin with. However, you should back up your choice with some research on their payment policies, including limits and processing fees, as well as wagering requirements.

Lastly, you should pick a casino website with a generous list of bonuses and promotions. Gambling can be fun for a while, but the whole thing gets much more exciting when you bring some deposit bonuses, happy hours, and jackpots to the table. The more bonuses a casino offers, the better.

And now, after you know what to look for in an online casino, it’s time to finally find one that suits your needs. And we’ll lend you hand a hand with that too. Here are the top 6 best Bitcoin casinos on the Internet right now:

1. 1xBit

1xBit is the perfect Bitcoin casino for just about anyone. They have a bit of everything – from casino classics like slots and roulette to real sports and virtual sports markets. 1xBit also has a few poker tables you can try out for a change. On top of that, they have a few in-house games that you can only try out on 1xBit – great news for slots enthusiasts.

Another great advantage of 1xBit Casino is the fact that they accept 17 (!) cryptocurrencies for both deposits and withdrawals. That includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero, and more. You can deposit directly from your crypto wallet, and the transactions take 15 minutes at most. They also don’t charge transaction fees for any of the currencies.

1xBit’s selection of bonuses is also top-notch. You can get a registration bonus up to 1BTC, and enjoy other extras along your way, including jackpots, more deposit bonuses, tournaments, bet insurances, and more.

2. Fortunecoins

Fortunecoins is a great casino for slots and Vegas fans. The website mostly specializes in traditional and video slots, but there’s also a range of roulette and card games to choose from.

As opposed to 1xBit, they only accept Bitcoin as a payment method, but a great thing about Fortunecoins is they have no minimum or maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. Another excellent feature of this casino is that they offer bonuses on every deposit you make on their website. Yes, you’ve heard that right – you can get a 50% bonus on each Bitcoin deposit, regardless of the amount. For newcomers, they offer a special gift – a 300% bonus on their first deposit.

All Bitcoins to and from Fortunecoins are free of charge, and will appear in your balance or wallet instantly.

3. Bitplay

If you’re not as much into casino games, and just want a no-brainer gambling website to get some fun and thrills out of your Bitcoins, Bitplay is the place for you.

Bitplay is nothing more than a Bitcoin lottery. All you have to do is buy a lottery ticket (currently priced at 0.0001 BTC), choose your numbers, and wait for the next draw! Moreover, you can even select an option that will choose your numbers automatically, even including frequent or rare ones. You can also use the system to select the number of draws you want your ticket to participate in. All in all, Bitplay will actually put your money to work for you, with minimum effort and implication on your end.

As far as payment methods go, Bitplay takes only Bitcoin, and awards winnings in Bitcoin as well. There are no upper and lower limits, and no transaction fees charged by the website.

4. AdmiralSpot

AdmiralSpot is another great choice for classic online casino fans. This website features a variety of popular games you’d come across on regular online casino, including video slots, roulette, video poker, blackjack, and other table and card games. There are also a couple versions of bingo you can also try out on AdmiralSpot.

The website only takes Bitcoin deposits, and awards BTC winnings as well. There are no extra transaction charges for both deposits and withdrawals.

The most spectacular feature of AdmiralSpot is their range of promotions. New customers can enjoy a 100% bonus up to mBTC 500, plus an extra no deposit bonus if they enter a special promo code. The won’t stop there – you can also claim a 10% bonus on any BTC deposit you ever make, as well as mBTC 10 for every friend you get to sign up through your link.

5. LuckyGames

Luckygames is a simple gambling website with just five games to choose from. In the spirit of Bitplay and other similar crypto casinos, Luckygames is a lottery website. You can bet on classics like Dice and roulette, or you can go for a typical lottery, which is their ‘Balls’ game. You have a row of 11 numbers and get to choose anything from 1 to 8 possible picks. Luckygames is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have the time/interest in slots and cards but would like to try their luck with Bitcoin gambling.

Luckygames also has a mobile version for both Android and iOS, which you can use to place a bet or check your results when you’re away from your desktop.

Lastly, their most impressive feature is that you can trade and use as many as 44 different cryptocurrencies on their websites, including favorites like Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin.

6. OneHash

Sports betting fans, anyone? This is the ultimate BTC casino for you – just sports betting, no casino games, no anything that could distract you from your favorite game. They feature selections of both real and virtual sports, as well as a Live Betting section. OneHash also offers a variety of bet types to suit everyone’s needs, including mutual betting and time-weight multipliers.

OneHash only accepts Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, but they do offer a few attractive specials as well. One of them is the 10% bonus on any deposit you make on the website. The website gives away up to 1 BTC in bonuses for every deposit you make – now that’s what we call generous!

There you have them – the six best online casinos that take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. As you can see, there’s a website for just about anyone – from hardcore casino game fans to sports bettors, and over to people who just want to try their luck gambling without moving a finger.

However, there are a few advantages all of these casinos have in common. For one, they are more or less anonymous. If you’ve ever been through the identity verification process of a regular online casino, you’ll know how much time you’ll be saving if you use a Bitcoin casino that requires nothing more than your email address. Second, they are very generous with their bonuses. You’ll never come across sites that give away bonuses for every deposit on regular online casinos – but, as you can see, that’s a common thing in Bitcoin ones. Last but not least, there are no limits to how much you can deposit and withdraw from most BTC casinos. The transactions will also appear in your balance or wallet instantly, so you won’t have to wait for your money forever.

To round up, all we can say is that cryptocurrencies are definitely the future of gambling. They’re so much more convenient for this industry than fiat money could ever be. On top of that, trying Bitcoin gambling as soon as possible, before the niche is overpopulated, is sure to bring you the most chances of winning!

LuckyGames Bitcoin Casino Review

Looking for a good online casino to gamble your Bitcoins? LuckyGames might just be the place for you! Even if you’re not very much into classic casino games or sports betting, LuckyGames is a great website that lets you test your luck without spending hours spinning the slots or playing poker. That’s because LuckyGames only offers a couple of very simple games that anyone can understand and play. That includes dice, roulette, and classic lotteries – perfect for anyone who just want to test their luck and not necessarily enjoy the graphics of video slots or arcade games. Let’s take a closer look at what Lucky Games has to offer.

LuckyGames is a reborn version of the website LuckyBalls, which was one of the first ever online casinos to accept Bitcoins. The reborn version comes with a couple new features, which includes over 20 integrated cryptocurrencies, and a few other games besides Balls, which made LuckyBalls popular. The website now accepts 23 cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Blackcoin, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Gamecredits, Litecoin, PIVX, Potcoin, Reddcoin, Novacoin, Zcash, Vericoin, CLAMs, Peercoin, Feathercoin, Namecoin, ShadowCash, Stratis, and Vertcoin. You can’t use other payment methods, such as credit cards or PayPal on LuckyGames, as it’s a completely anonymous website. If you don’t own any crypto coins, you’ll have to buy some from an exchange in order to be able to play. However, if you do have some Bitcoins, but want to exchange them for a currency that you think will bring you more winnings, you can do that on LuckyGames, without any additional fees.

Being a crypto gambling website, LuckyGames does not require any identity proof from their customers. That’s why they have no established regulations as to which countries are accepted and which are not. Technically, US and Canada residents can also sign up and play using their Bitcoins, but LuckyGames shall not be held responsible if that is considered an offense to the country’s law.

As mentioned before, LuckyGames only offers very simplistic games, such as dice. But how can you, as a player, be sure that the results are completely random, and no one is pulling strings from behind the scenes? That’s where the Provably Fair system comes into play. The Provably Fair system allows you to verify the results of each game against the algorithm by running the script provided on the website. There’s no room left for cheating, as you can literally see the whole random generating process by running the script on your computer. The protocol is slightly different depending on the game you’re playing, but you can check the results of each game you’ve played using its specific script.

Another advantage of LuckyGames is that the website is completely anonymous – you can even play as a guest, without having to register an account at all. However, if you decide you want to register an account, LuckyGames will only ask for your email address and nothing else. If you’re still wondering if the page is safe for your cryptocurrency transactions, know that they have a valid SSL certificate, and an https secure connection as well.

Security is good and all, but what about the fun part? If you came here to find out what kind of games LuckyGames has to offer, it’s about time to get into them.

The first and one of the most popular games on the website is called Balls. It’s based on the classic lottery principle – there’s a string of 11 balls and a magnet that pulls one of the balls once the player has selected their numbers. The player can pick anything from 1 to 8 numbers, but the amount you can win will decrease with each extra number you add.

The second, and by far the most popular games on LuckyGames is dice. Dice is one of the most played casino games in the world in general, but LuckyGames put their signature touch on it, making it simple and enjoyable for everyone. Players can play Dice with the highest Multiplier possible (x99), for even greater chances to win. They are required to choose a number from 1 to 98, as well as a direction (Under/Over.) The dice are then rolled, and the player wins if the lucky number hits the predicted range.

Next comes the Roulette – and LuckyGames offers a classic version of European Roulette for the players to enjoy. European Roulette features the numbers from 1 to 36 in alternate red and black divisions, as well as one single 0 on a green division. The players must stake chips on the number and color they think the ball will land on. After the player places their bet, the Roulette is spun, and the winning bets get the prize.

Cells was the first game ever provided by LuckyGames since it was re-launched. There are 195 cells on the table, some of which are empty, and some of which contain an extra amount of money. The player has to sweep through the 195 cells and aim for the Multipliers, as those are then added to his original stake. Landing on an empty cell causes you to lose your bet. The game ends after the player has swept through 78 cells.

Hacker is the latest game on LuckyGames. The premise is very similar to that of Cells – there are 40 cells, 38 of which represent websites you can hack. Landing on any of the remaining two cells gets you busted and ends the game. Hacker is also played against a timer, so you don’t get much time to make a decision – much like a real hacker!

So much for the selection of games on LuckyGames. As you can see, they are all pretty unique in-house releases you won’t find anywhere else. The website itself is open to everyone who owns any of the 23 cryptocurrencies accepted, regardless of the country they’re in. LuckyGames is also an awesome website for anyone who want to keep it anonymous – as it will never ask you for more than your email address!

FortuneCoins Bitcoin Casino Review

There are probably hundreds of Bitcoin online casinos on the Internet right now. However, not all of them can be trusted, and not all of them are equally profitable. Enter FortuneCoins, a new cryptocurrency-based online casino looking to revitalize the online gambling world. They have only been in business for under a year, but have already made a name for themselves in the industry. FortuneCoins offers a range of classic casino games, including slots, roulette, and cards, and have some of the juiciest bonus packages in the entire online gambling niche. We take a close look at the games, promotions, and regulations of FortuneCoins – one of the newest Bitcoin casinos on the Internet.

Fortunecoins offers a variety of games from famous providers like Novomatic, NetEnt, Igrosoft, and more. Some of the most popular titles include Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Book of Ra, and Lord of the Ocean – all video slots with juicy graphics and fantastic jackpots. However, they also have a few other options for people who aren’t that invested in slots – including card games like Red and Black, and European Roulette. FortuneCoins also features a variety of Vegas-themed retro games, including classic fruit machines like Fruit Runner, and fantasy-themed slots, such as Secret Forest and Mistery of Ra. There’s much more to discover on FortuneCoins in terms of games – but you’ll have to pay them a visit and find your own favorites!

The main reason why you want to choose FortuneCoins over other Bitcoin casinos is their selection of promotions and specials. As they are a fairly new casino, they are giving away some pretty juicy bonuses to attract more customers. However, that might not last for too long, as they are already becoming pretty popular with gamblers from around the world, so better hurry up and claim your bonus before it’s too late! We’re talking about a 300% first deposit bonus you can claim as soon as you register your account on FortuneCoins. The bonus has to be spent in full within 30 days from the credit date and is bound to a 30x wagering requirement. If you know anything about the world of online gambling, you’d know that this is a pretty rare sight – especially the 30x wagering requirement for such a significant bonus. However, you should remember that not all games on FortuneCoins contribute to the wagering equally. 20% of the stakes placed on European Roulette, and 50% of those placed on Red and Black count towards the wagering.

There’s one more promotion you can take advantage of on FortuneCoins. We’re talking about the 50% bonus on every deposit you’ll ever make. Yes, you’ve heard that right – FortuneCoins will actually top up each and every one of your deposits with an extra 50%, should you so desire. Of course, you can opt out of this promotion, but who could refuse more free cash to play with? If you opt in for the 50% bonus and you want to withdraw your winnings, you’ll have to complete the 25x wagering requirement bound to it. The same game contribution rates apply to all FortuneCoins bonuses. You’ll also have to spend and wager these bonuses in full within 30 days in order to be able to withdraw the winnings.

Still not convinced you want to join FortuneCoins? Then let’s take a look at their regulations for a moment. The website currently only accepts Bitcoin and uses a secure wallet system to make sure all the transactions are safely processed. You can send Bitcoin straight from your Bitcoin wallet to your FortuneCoins account – it’s fast and free of charge. The same applies for withdrawals – you can have the Bitcoins in your personal wallet in under a minute and without any transfer fees. FortuneCoins have no upper or lower limits as to how much you can deposit or withdraw. The website is also equipped with an https connection for greater security. They also emphasize on making the experience as fair as possible by only using random number generators to predict the outcomes of their games.

There isn’t much information on the website about any regulations regarding the countries they accept, but one thing is certain – FortuneCoins have 0 tolerance for underage gambling. Grace to the anonymous nature of Bitcoin, everyone who owns it can play without having to disclose their name or country of residence. However, if you are breaking your country’s law by playing on FortuneCoins, the website shall not be held responsible for it.

If you have any question or problems regarding your account, the games, or policies of FortuneCoins, there are a few ways you can reach out to them. The easiest one is by dropping them an email, but you can also send them a line on social media – FortuneCoins can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Or you could try going through the FAQ in case you have any questions about payouts, limits, and bonuses.

In conclusion to all above said – FortuneCoins is definitely a great Bitcoin casino with some incredibly generous promotions and a great selection of games to enjoy. Why not pay them a visit right now?

CloudBet Bitcoin Casino Review

If you are feeling lucky and have some Bitcoins laying around, you might want to try a Bitcoin online casino. These websites allow you to gamble your Bitcoin or altcoins in a variety of ways – be that sports betting, slots, roulette, cards, or sports betting. The great thing about Bitcoin casinos is that they are completely anonymous, fast, and easy to use, and there is a wide variety of games you can test your luck with. If you’re into gambling in general, and you like a bit of everything – including sports betting and classic casino games, CloudBet is the ultimate destination. Not only do they offer an extensive selection of markets to bet on, but they also have some of the juiciest bonuses in the crypto gambling world.

CloudBet is one of the oldest cryptocurrency-based online casinos. It is a product of CB Holdings, a company based in the Netherlands Antilles, and is licenced by E-Gambing Montenegro, which allows them to serve customers from all over the world. CloudBet has no strict limitations regarding the countries they accept players from. Their website is professionally translated into several languages, including Chinese, Turkish, and Korean, to accommodate players from various countries.

As all transactions on the website use Bitcoin, the anonymous nature of the currency allows you to play without disclosing anything but your email address. However, if online gambling is considered an offence in your country, CloudBet shall not be held responsible for your actions. Nonetheless, the fact that CloudBet only deals in Bitcoin has more advantages than drawbacks. For instance, let’s take a look at their registration process. As we mentioned before, they only require your email address in order to set up your account. After you verify your email address, you’re pretty much ready to start playing on CloudBet!

However, CloudBet is aware of the threats posed by storing such a huge amount of BTC on their website. That’s why they equipped every account with two different wallets – a hot wallet and a cold wallet. The hot wallet should only be filled with whatever amount of BTC you intend to wager during one day or gambling session. The cold wallet has extra layers of encryption to it and allows you to store your full balance in a separate place. Besides that, CloudBet provides its players with the option to use two-factor authentication for extra security.

In case you have any questions about creating your account, depositing or withdrawing money, or just using the website, you have a couple of options. First, you can check the FAQ for some general information. If you didn’t find the answer, you can contact CloudBet via email, or drop them a line on social media. CloudBet can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, CloudBet’s website interface is incredibly clean compared to other casinos in the industry. Despite the heavy graphics that have to be loaded on each page, the website is very responsive and has no significant lags – which is a great plus for people looking for a smooth gaming experience.

Let’s take a look at the selection of games and markets CloudBet offers for their clients. Starting with sports betting, which is one of the most appreciated forms of gambling all around the world. CloudBet offers an extensive range of sportive markets to choose from. At the time of writing, these include American Football, Basketball, Bandy, Badminton, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Floorball, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, MMA, Rugby, Snooker, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Volleyball. The in-play games are displayed in the centre of the page, making it easier to access them if you want to try in-play betting. The only aspect that could let some people down is the lack of an e-sports section, and perhaps other non-sportive markets. However, sports fans have plenty to choose from, both in terms of big international events, and domestic or local ones.

You can place different types of bets on in-play games in the Live Casino section of CloudBet. These include Asian Handicap, Total, Final Result, and more, depending on the currently available games. CloudBet also allows you to adjust your Odds format, including European, Decimal, and Fractional, but also less common formats, such as Hong Kong and Malaysian.

If you aren’t that much into sports betting, you can opt for any of the games in CloudBet’s Casino and Live Casino section. They have a huge range of games, starting from the latest hits in video slots to classics like roulette and blackjack. Most of their slots are extremely popular titles developed by giants like Microgaming and Playtech – including ones like Aztec Treasure, Fruit Bonanza, 7 Sins, 300 Shields, and more. They also have a couple varieties of video poker to choose from, including Aces & Faces, Deuces Wild, and American Poker. Cloudbet also has a variety of table games available, including American and European roulette, and a couple varieties of Blackjack. What’s more, CloudBet’s Casino section even has a Bingo and Keno category, making it the ultimate online gambling website.

Lastly, CloudBet also has a Live Casino section, with dealers from 6 different locations around the world, including Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Baltic area, Central America, Asia, and South Africa. The selection of games offered depends on the region of the dealer. For instance, the Western and Eastern European Dealers only offer roulette and blackjack, while the Asian one – only roulette and baccarat.

However, what makes CloudBet the best cryptocurrency-based casino to join this year is their welcome offer. They will top off every novice’s account with a 100% bonus up to 5 BTC. That’s over $60,000 as of January 2018! All you have to do is to deposit a minimum of 0.01 BTC into your CloudBet wallet and earn loyalty points by playing games and placing bets. The bonus is rewarded in increments of 0.01 BTC for every 800 loyalty points you accumulate. You have a whole year (365 days) to claim the whole value of your bonus – and the best part is that you’re already done with the wagering the moment you claimed the last increment.

Bottom line is that CloudBet Casino is certainly one of the best and most trustworthy Bitcoin casinos on the Internet right now. Their welcome offer is perfect for high rollers – as it offers you the opportunity to play with as much as 5+5=10 BTC right from the start! Lastly, their security and privacy standards are some of the highest in the industry. Don’t believe us? Then why not go check them out yourself?

BitKong Bitcoin Casino Review

Bitcoin is becoming one of the most popular payment methods in the online gambling industry. It’s anonymous, fast, and easy to use for just about anyone – regardless of where you are in the world. Using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment methods on online gambling sites makes the niche more accessible for people who don’t want to go through tedious identity verification, or use their credit card or PayPal account to deposit and withdraw money. But there’s one more advantage to Bitcoin casinos – they usually feature original in-house games that are easy to understand and play for just about anyone. One of these websites is BitKong, an online casino that offers a simple betting system for people who just want to put their luck to the test.

BitKong has been in the online gambling business for a bit over a year now and has since gained a huge amount of attention and following. The interface of the website is very clean and user-friendly, featuring the game board in the centre, the statistics about recent bets on the left, and a ‘Hall of Heroes’ section on the right. As we mentioned before, the website only sports one game, which is played on the homepage board (held by BitKong, the casino’s mascot.)

Let’s take a look at how to play the game offered by BitKong. If you take a look at the website, you’ll see a game board with rows and cells, held by the Bitkong mascot at the top of the page. Every row on the board is a step of the game, and each game has 10 steps. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from – you can opt for either Easy, Medium, or Hard. The Easy mode implies that there are three cells on each row, two of which are winning, and one losing. The Medium mode only generates two cells per row, one losing, and one winning. And finally, the Hard mode has 3 cells per row, two of which are losing, and one winning. The higher the difficulty, the juicier the prizes – but you can also stick to Easy and try to win little by little. You can choose the mode you want before the start of each game.

Before getting started, you’ll have to input your bet size. The + and – buttons on each side will let you increase and decrease your bet size easier. The minimum allowed bet is 1 bit, which can be set by clicking the ‘MIN’ button, but you can also go all out by hitting ‘MAX’, which will deposit all the bits you have in your account. Be careful to not click the ‘MAX’ button by accident if you’re not ready to gamble everything you have in your account. After you’ve chosen the amount you want to bet, it’s time to hit ‘Play’!

You start playing from the bottom row. All you have to do is click on the cell you think is winning. If the cell flashes the word ‘Cool’, and a fruit appears on it, it means you guessed right, and whatever amount of bits was on the cell is added to your initial wager. You can now move to the second row and repeat the process. Landing on an unlucky cell will flash out a poop instead of a fruit, and means you lose the wager and the game ends. You also have the option to withdraw mid-game, if you feel like you’ve won enough, and shouldn’t challenge your luck anymore. To do, that, just hit the ‘Take x Bits’ button at the bottom of the board, and you’ll see them in your account.

That’s about all there is to BitKong. As you can see, it’s a very simple game that anyone could enjoy – even if they’re not much into regular casino games like roulette, slots, or cards. However, there are a few more ways to earn some extra Bitcoins on BitKong.

One thing you can do is enjoy BitKong’s promotions. In fact, BitKong is also a bitcoin faucet, meaning they have special happy hours during which you can get free money just by completing a few simple tasks like filling in captchas. There is no catch, no turnover requirements, and no rules – all you have to do is log in using your Facebook account, as anonymous accounts are not eligible for BitKong’s faucet. They do Happy Weekends, during which you can win 4 bits every 10 minutes, and random happy hours, when they give away 6×6 bits in the faucet section. All you have to do to keep up with the BitKong faucet news is to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re a loyal customer, BitKong will also reward you with special prizes reserved for the players in their Hall of Heroes. They have daily, weekly, and monthly prize pools for their most loyal players, with prizes ranging from 500.00 bits to 200,000.00 bits. Those are some juicy jackpots right there!

Lastly, you can also win Bitcoins by inviting your friends. You won’t even have to do any convincing work, as it’s just as easy as sending an invite on Facebook. If someone from your friend list ends up checking out BitKong and perhaps betting some of their Bitcoins, you’ll find a little thank you gift (in the form of more bits, obviously), in your account’s balance. You can also treat your friends to a few free bets on BitKong by offering them a gift card. Gift cards can be purchased directly from the website, starting at 2000 bits.

As far as regulations go, BitKong is not very strict. They are 100% against underage gambling but don’t have many other restrictions regarding the country of origin of the player or other criteria. Of course, BitKong shall not be held responsible if your gambling activity is regarded as an offence to the law in your country. BitKong will also never ask for any personal information except your Facebook account, which is required to log in. However, they will never post on your social media without your consent.

Depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin on BitKong is easy. To deposit, all you have to do is send a number of Bitcoins to your BitKong wallet address. You can withdraw any amount starting at 2000.00 bits. The website also charges a 200.00 bits withdrawal fee for each transaction. The transactions should take under an hour to appear in your Bitcoin wallet, regardless of the amount you withdrew.

Our conclusion is that BitKong is a great gambling platform for anyone who just wants to test their luck using cryptocurrencies, without getting too deep into classic casino games. They are known to be a fair and trustworthy website and can be used by just about anyone who owns Bitcoins.

OneHash Bitcoin Casino Review

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as alternatives to fiat money. Both online and online businesses have started taking cryptocurrency payments in the last couple of years. But did you know that the online gambling industry was one of the pioneers of accepting cryptocurrencies as payment methods?  Nowadays, there are probably hundreds of bookmakers that take Bitcoin and altcoin payments, both online and offline. OneHash is one of them – and they specialize in sports betting. Today, we’re going to take a look at OneHash’s range of markets, other games, promotions, and policies, so that you can be sure that you make the right choice when you sign up with them.

First and foremost, let’s look at the history of the company. OneHash was founded in 2014 as a Bitcoin-based betting exchange. At first, they were only dealing in mutual bets on limited markets, particularly on the Brazil World Cup. However, as the website attracted a lot more users than they thought it would, the developers behind OneHash decided to keep expanding their business and turn the website into a full-fledged betting exchange.

Fast forward to early 2018 – OneHash is one of the biggest online bookmakers that specialize in sportive betting. They have recently added a couple of slots and a Bitcoin-based dice game for those who need a break from the constant betting. OneHash mainly deals in mutual bets, which stands for bettors placing stakes against other bettors, as opposed to against the house itself. The multiplier than increases and decreases based on the number of Bitcoin in the bank. It’s basically like a peer-to-peer betting system – very fitting for a Bitcoin-friendly bookmaker.

OneHash takes great pride in their selection of sportive markets. They currently have Football, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, American Football, Baseball, Rugby, Volleyball, Handball, Combat Sports, Cricket, Motorsports, and Ski Jumping available to choose from. All of the big championships and leagues will be listed in a drop-down menu as you press on each category. Just to give you an example, if you choose the Football category, you’ll see over 30 different leagues from all over the world, including both domestic and international ones. Besides the obvious, like the Champions League and the World Cup, OneHash also features events like the Coup de France, Bundesliga, Premier League, and International Friendlies. The situation is very similar in all the other categories – the Tennis one features over 20 different events and the Basketball one over 10. All that to say, OneHash definitely has a great range of markets to choose from for every bettor – no matter how obscure their favorite sport or team is.

If you’re thinking that OneHash’s range of markets is still missing something very important, you’re absolutely right! it’s just that we haven’t told you about their E-sports section just yet. If you’re not that big on real-life sports, but you’re a hardcore gamer who knows everything about CS:GO, DOTA2, or Starcraft, OneHash has got you covered. They’ll let you bet against other players on the most famous gaming tournaments in the world, both international and domestic ones.

The interface of the website is very comprehensive, and each match or game is illustrated in a widget-like manner. You have the logos of the two competing teams side by side, with the odds directly underneath them, and a real-time countdown timer at the bottom of each panel. There is also a real-time indicator of the amount that’s currently in the bank for each event (in BTC) so that you can decide on a profitable stake. Lastly, there is a ‘Bet’ button underneath each selection, as well as the ‘Draw’ symbol in the middle. This allows you to place a bet in a couple of seconds, without having to go back to your bet slip, looking for that specific game and choosing your favorite manually.

Sports betting can get pretty intense at times. And when it does, you might need a bit of a cool down with something different. How does spinning the slots or rolling the dice sound? If it seems like you would enjoy a bit of those as well, consider yourself lucky because OneHash offers both of them on the same platform. However, both of them are in-house games that can only be played using Bitcoin. The slots even have cryptocurrency logos on them – forget the Lucky 7’s, it’s time for a new gambling era with Lucky Bitcoins! For those of you who are more into cryptocurrencies than the average human, there’s also a Markets betting category, which allows you to bet on the price changes of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, and Monero.

So much for OneHash’s games and markets – time to take a look at their payment methods and policies. As of January 2018, OneHash only accepts Bitcoins, and doesn’t seem like it would open up to other payment methods anytime soon. You have to make a deposit from your personal Bitcoin wallet into the wallet provided by the website. It’s fast, free of charge, and anonymous – you won’t have to wait for your bank to process the transaction. What’s more, OneHash gives away a first deposit bonus to all their new customers. All you have to do is sign up and make a BTC deposit, and OneHash will double it up by giving you 10% of your deposit for every bet you place. The total value of the bonus accounts to 100% of your deposit. You can only claim this bonus once, so it might be a good idea to deposit as much as you can in order to enjoy the bonus to the fullest.

Lastly, OneHash is a very beginner-friendly bookmaker. Their FAQ page even has video tutorials on how to use the site, place a mutual bet, and play dice or slots! Besides that, they even tell you what Bitcoin is, where you can buy some in case you don’t already have your own, and why you should use it. So if you’re a newbie to this whole online gambling thing, or to the cryptocurrency thing, OneHash is a great website for getting started!

Bitplay Bitcoin Casino Review

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It is now accepted as a payment method by a huge number of businesses and service providers, but what about the gambling industry? In fact, online gambling was one of the first niches that started to accept Bitcoin and altcoins as payment methods – long before any retailer did. Bitcoin offers a lot of perks for the online gambler – it’s easy to use, fast, free of transaction charges, and more or less anonymous. That’s why more and more online casinos are starting to accept Bitcoin deposits right now. One of them, Bitplay, is nothing more than an online lottery where you can buy tickets and be rewarded with Bitcoins.

There are two main types of online casinos. The first type is perfect for real casino enthusiasts, that enjoy the graphics and sound of video slots and virtual Roulette, or have the skills and technique for challenging others in card games. The second one is for people who just want to put their luck to the test, and couldn’t care less about the graphics, games, types of bets, or card strategies. Bitplay is the definition of this second category.

The Bitplay website is just an online lottery that offers two variations of the same game. All you have to do in order to test your luck is buy some tickets, choose your numbers, and wait for the next draw. Still sounds like too much effort? Well, worry not, because you can even automatize the process, and get the software to choose the numbers for you. You can still pick some options here, and request that the software includes frequent or rare numbers on your ticket. Lastly, you can use it to program how many consecutive draws you want to participate in. You can opt for anything between 1 and 6 consecutive draws. The number of draws you request means buying a new ticket with the same numbers for each of them. Sounds simple, right?

After you fill out all your requests, the lottery tickets will go into your cart. From here, Bitplay works just like an online store – all you have to do is check out and pay for the tickets, and wait for any potential wins. You can also save the tickets to your cart and buy them later – as opposed to online stores, these will never be ‘stolen’ from your cart if you don’t buy them within a certain time frame and will remain there for as long as you need.

Let’s talk prices. One lottery ticket on Bitplay currently costs 0.0001 BTC, and your total ‘bill’ will depend on how many tickets you’re getting. If you’re playing the System 6-45 game, each combination that can be generated using the numbers will count as a separate ticket. In other words, if you choose 6 numbers, you will pay the equivalent of 6 Bitplay tickets.The funds are subtracted from your Bitplay wallet. You will have to make a deposit from your personal Bitcoin wallet first in order to be able to buy lottery tickets. This is free of charge and should take under a minute.

Bitplay is a very simple program – as mentioned before, it’s nothing but a lottery that runs on the blockchain technology. That is why it doesn’t offer any of those huge welcome bonuses that you see on other online casinos. What’s more, Bitplay doesn’t offer any bonuses and specials at all, but it shouldn’t be too much of a bummer if you don’t intend to spend a lot of your time on the site anyway. With great power comes great responsibility, and that is definitely true for regular online casino bonuses, which can put your through a real gambling marathon with their wagering requirements. Bitplay doesn’t offer anything for free, and doesn’t demand anything from you in return, which is really refreshing in the online gambling industry.

Let’s take a look at the types of games Bitplay offers. There only two of them – 6-45 and System 6-45. In the classic 6-45 game, you get to choose 6 numbers between 6 and 45 and put them down on your ticket. If any of the numbers you chose matches the ones that come out of the random draw, you win a certain number of Bitcoins. Both the presence and the position of the number is important in the classic 6-45. On the other hand, we have the System 6-45. In this version of the game, you get to choose either 6 or 12 numbers ( the price of the ticket will vary according to this), and the system automatically generates every possible combination of the numbers you chose. This increases your chances of matching the draw result.

As you can see, the games are also really easy to understand and grasp. If you have any doubt about the fairness of the draw, you can check the Bitplay website for the detailed information (generator function code included.) You might not care about that, but something you need to be aware of is Bitplay’s payment policy. We’ll give you a quick run-down of it here:

Bitplay uses 60% of the ticket sales to reward winners, and 40% goes towards service management, marketing, promotion, and referral rewards. 30% of the 60% reserved for winnings go towards the jackpot increase. The Jackpot is awarded to whoever has 6 matching numbers on any of their tickets. If two or more tickets have 6 matching numbers, the Jackpot is divided. The remaining amount of money is used to reward players who have guessed 5, 4, 3, and 2 numbers. People who have guessed at least 2 numbers are rewarded with 0.0001 BTC.

One important thing to mention is that Bitplay does not accept players from USA and Canada, as online gambling is illegal in these countries. As Bitcoin is anonymous, they can’t technically stop you from playing, but they will not be held responsible for you breaking the law of your own country.

This is everything you need to know about Bitplay – the best blockchain based lottery on the Internet right now. If you’d like to put your luck to the test, why not give them a try?

AdmiralSpot Bitcoin Casino Review

Bitcoin is slowly but steadily taking over the online gambling industry. More and more cryptocurrency-based online casinos are popping up on the web, but only a few of them offer the complete package a gambler needs: a great selection of games, timely payouts, transparency, fairness, and special rewards. However, AdmiralSpot is one of the few websites that actually manage to tie all of those things together into the perfect crypto-based online casino. Let’s take a closer look at what this website is all about.

AdmiralSpot is a website run by Seymour Marketing Ltd, a company registered and based in London. The website is licenced and regulated by the Government of Curacao and has all the certification a trusty online casino provider needs. They’re even affiliated with GamCare, a company that assists people that think they might have a gambling problem. Any other questions and problems can be addressed to the chat support or the company’s email address. What’s more, AdmiralSpot accepts a variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin, but also traditional ones, like credit and debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

AdmiralSpot accepts customers from all over the world, except countries where online gambling is prohibited in the first place. The website is also translated into a few other languages besides English, including Russian, Czech, Spanish, French, German, and more, so that you can choose whichever you’re most comfortable with. They do not accept American citizens – worth mentioning because you are not required to provide proof of identity if you’re using Bitcoin as a payment method. However, if you are found to break any laws by playing on AdmiralSpot, the website shall not be held responsible for your actions.

Let’s have a look at the fun part now, shall we? AdmiralSpot is a classic example of what a great online casino should look like. Their range of games includes several categories, namely slots, roulette and table games, and video poker. The slots section will quench your thirst for Vegas classics – there are plenty of fruit machines, Lucky 7s slots, and mythology-themed games. You can also find fantasy and sports-themed slots in there. If you’re not that much of a slots person, head over to the next category, which is the Table and Card games one. You can find casino classics such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and even Bingo in there. Lastly, if you’re just here for the poker, there’s a whole section with different poker games to try out and choose from. It includes variations like American Poker and Three Cards, just to name a few.

All good so far – but what sets AdmiralSpot apart from other online casinos that take cryptocurrencies? The answer is their incredibly generous bonus and promotions plan. Let’s take a look at what is included in this package.

First and foremost, you can claim a no deposit welcome bonus on AdmiralSpot. All you have to do is to introduce a promo code on the casino website. But where do you get the code? Simple – you just send all the required verification document over to the website’s email address, and they will generate a promo code for you. You can claim up to 50 mBTC with AdmiralSpot’s no deposit bonus. The promotion is bound to a 100x wagering requirement if you would like to withdraw your winnings. The funds should be spent within 30 days from the credit date.

Newcomers are welcomed with a 100% first deposit bonus up to 500 mBTC or €500 if depositing in EUR. The bonus is awarded only once per account, IP address, and household, and should be spent in full within 30 days from the credit date. The bonus is bound to a wagering requirement as well – you will have to turn over 25x the bonus and deposit amount before withdrawing any bonus winnings. Not all games contribute to the wagering equally. Only slots stakes count 100% towards the wagering, while Roulette and Blackjack stakes only count 30% and 10%, respectively. The great news is that there is no maximum cashout restriction on this AdmiralSpot offer, so you could technically win big just by using your welcome bonus!

Another promotion you can opt for is the 10% bonus on any deposit. Yes, you’ve heard that right – AdmiralSpot will actually top off any deposit ever made on their website with an extra 10%. Naturally, you can also opt out of this promotion, in case you don’t need more money to play with (but seriously now, is there anyone who doesn’t?) The maximum amount you can claim using this offer is 250 mBTC, and you should spend all of them within 30 days from the credit date. Failure to spend them will just remove any remaining bonus funds from your balance. This bonus is also bound to a 50x wagering requirement, which you’ll have to complete if you want to withdraw your winning from this bonus.

Lastly, AdmiralSpot has a Refer a Friend program in their promotion plan. In other words, you can get rewards for every friend you introduce to the site. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can invite, but each of them has to create a real account, and deposit a minimum of €20 into their balance in order for you to be awarded the €10 bonus. Each €10 bonus is also bound to a 50x wagering requirement, and the game contribution rates are the same as for all the other promotions ( slots = 100%, roulette = 30%, blackjack = 10%)

AdmiralSpot is by far one of the most generous Bitcoin casinos out there. Not only do they offer you a whopping welcome bonus up to 500 mBTC, but they will also boost each and every deposit you’ll ever make by 10%. On top of all that, you can claim an extra 50 mBTC bonus just by sending in your verification documents – now that’s something you don’t see every day. Lastly, you can introduce as many friends as you want, and be rewarded €10 for each of them. And let’s not forget the top-notch selection of games you’re in for – AdmiralSpot has them all!