Don’t call the coin “Ripple”

Ripple developers are actively trying to change the known name for their coin. They claim that there is a difference between their company and XRP, and people should differentiate between the two notions.

XRP and Ripple

Since several months the company has been trying to impose a distinction between the name of their coin and of the company itself. Communities have been created on Twitter and Github where ideas for a new XRP symbol are tackled, which would denote it as a separate currency.

Though the company is trying to implement the distinction, it will become difficult to convince people to perceive and talk about it otherwise.

No direct connection between XRP and Ripple?

The company stated that they are separate bodies with XRP, highlighting the fact that XRP is open source and anybody can modify its code for individual points.

Even though that is true, the third party commits don’t directly influence the XRP ledger. While other industries may take the XRP ledger and change it for their purposes, the notion of Ripple in its name doesn’t attract many.

The connection between Ripple and XRP still remains strong, regarding that the ledger cannot operate without one of company’s servers, without mentioning that the official website mentions their relation all over the place.

How will Ripple come to a agreement?

Many months or even years might pass until the company will reach a consensus with rest of the world. The fastest way would be though dropping all off their assets, which account 55 million in XRP. That remains highly unlikely as nobody wants to remain out of balance, however, Ripple might intensify their actions, which might trigger new debates.


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