First Decentralized Crowdfunding Crypto Platform Launched

Lighthouse is a decentralized crowdfunding crypto platform powered by Bitcoin Cash. Their idea focuses on managing a crowdfunding campaign without any middle-man, allowing to set up your pledges on their servers or offline, in a decentralized way.

Finished project from the past

Back in 2014, Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn has presented the app in Amsterdam at the Bitcoin Conference. However, the idea was dropped after criticism regarding scalability arose. The project was brought back to life and finished by an anonymous developer, who made it public on

Better than others?

App’s developers claim that Lighthouse replaces such crowdfunding campaigns as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It is able to compete with some of the biggest names due to the implemented innovative technologies based on blockchain.

The funds are directly linked to the users and don’t depend on any source. Another advantage is the low fees, due to the proprieties of Bitcoin Cash network, which eliminate the contribution to any 3rd parties. Finally, the decentralized nature of the project prevents potential censorship. However, for hosting the crowdfunding on Lighthouse’s server, the project is required to abide by EU laws.

More features in future

At the time of publication, there are only three public projects available and there are no fees required for setting up an own crowdfunding. The developers promise that in future there will be many new features including Tor mode, mobile support, and systematic software updates.


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