Japanese Comic Spreads Awareness about Crypto Industry

Shonen Crypto (Crypto Heroes) is a comic representation of the world of cryptocurrencies. Editor-in-Chief Taro has released the first issue recently. It should draw more awareness to the events in the crypto industry and educate people about its vulnerabilities and benefits.

The new manga should popularize the crypto industry

Editor-in-Chief Taro, the creator of the comic, commented that the series will be more accessible to people, as the masses don’t usually concentrate in depth on articles related to crypto. He plans to spread the series to the Japanese society and teach the readers about the potential of the virtual currencies. While there are many scams around, he wants to tackle the subject and properly reintroduce the technologies that support cryptocurrencies.

The Shonen Crypto series will be released in about once a month from now on, in July 2018. The chapters are available only online, but they might be available in physical format sometime in future as well.

The Story

There are six parts in the first issue. The first one reveals the identities of the crypto heroes, who step into a fight against such fiat characters as EUR and USD.

In the later chapters, the Mt. Gox and Bitconnect events are depicted. Over the course of the story, different characters appear, giving investment advice, and teaching how to use different technologies associated with cryptocurrencies, which is illustrated through their own experiences.

The story evolves

Taro explained that in the later issues more characters would appear, and there will be attempts to ecranize parts of the story as the producing team has increased twofold. They plan to produce music and create animations about the characters in the story, which the readers might see very soon.


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