Keep it Private: Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets in 2019

Truth be told, there are few good anonymous Bitcoin wallets on the network, but you can still find some that can offer you what you’re looking for. Bitcoin was created to initiate quicker, more secure financial transactions with a layer of privacy for the user – but it was never intended to be completely anonymous.

Bitcoins is hands-down the most convenient and easy to use digital currency. However, don’t forget it was constructed for keeping the user pseudonymous rather than anonymous. Like many other currencies, it won’t allow you stay fully anonymous, as all transactions are stored publicly in the blockchain. The user can still stay anonymous until there are no special circumstances that call for revealing the identity. Most modern ASIC miners can fairly easily decrypt the data down to the IP and location of a Bitcoin transaction. Thus, if uttermost anonymity is what you’re after, you would most likely need to only use a wallet address once, or move to other cryptocurrencies that were created with anonymity in mind, such as Monero.

Back to Bitcoin – wallets are important tools for keeping your funds safe from malicious hacker attacks that happen fairly often on exchanges. However, many of them still require you to go through a long and thorough identity verification process, which kind of contradicts one of the basic premises of cryptocurrencies – anonymity. Below, we introduce you to some of the best anonymous wallets for Bitcoins, which can help you conceal your identity better than other options on the Internet.


Electrum has been in business since 2011 and is one of the most trusted crypto wallets. The only thing that might impede you to use it is that you’ll have to get a tad geeky about it.

The Electrum community claims that the wallet does its job well, however, for optimal performance, you must use it with Tails. Tails is an operating system that runs on the Debian distribution of Linux.

Of course, if you know what you are doing, you might be comfortable running it with other software, but otherwise, you would most likely want to get another wallet that is more user-friendly. In its concept, the Tails system is designed to maintain the anonymity of the user, routing all of the internet traffic through the Tor browser.

If you are fine with it, you can go on setting up your wallet. You don’t need to input any of your private information to start using it. The wallet will generate you new addresses for each transaction until you reach 20. You can generate more addresses as well, but you will need to go through some verification steps.

You can still install the wallet on Windows and OS X, but you will still need to use the command line. Either way, if you are comfortable with it, you can get it for free and stay in tune with their updates, as there is hardly any other free crypto wallet that could beat Electrum at the moment. If you need a simpler solution, some of the following might be better for you:


BitLox is a great option if you need a simple and easy to use anonymous wallet. However, it is also one of the most expensive ones. It is a hardware wallet that can hold up to about 100 virtual wallets, where you can create millions of addresses, which should be enough for a lifetime.

Bitlox has some unique privacy features that no other wallet on the market can offer. You can use hidden wallets, set up a data auto-destruction pin, or secure the signature of each transaction with a special generator. If you want to go hard with your Bitcoin privacy, Bitlox is probably the best solution. Though it costs as much as $200 for the whole set, you get all the needed tools pre-installed with the included Tails system.


JAXX is one of the easiest manageable wallets available on all platforms. One of its great features is that it supports more than a dozen different cryptocurrencies.

The security is generated from the user’s side, so all your funds exist only in JAXX. Even if it will go down, you can still export your keys and lose none of your currencies.

Some users have complained that the system is buggy sometimes, but despite that, JAXX seems to give everybody exactly what they want from a crypto wallet. While it’s probably not as anonymous as Electrum and Bitlox, your identity is still not revealed during the setup process, and you can create as many unique addresses as you wish. The wallet doesn’t encrypt the traffic by itself, but for keeping several cryptocurrencies and achieving a basic layer of anonymity, JAXX is a good option.


Samourai is an interesting Bitcoin wallet project, available only for Android devices right now. The wallet is easy to use and it has some nice features. For example, it produces new wallets each time you get new Bitcoins and notifies you when you interact with an address too often, to prevent your purchasing habits from being discovered. You can set up a stealth mode, which will hide the app from the screen and make it accessible only via a special pin code. Additionally, it offers VPN support, Tor, and even blockchain obfuscation to add a privacy layer to your transactions.

A lot of features are in the works right now, and if Samourai continues to expand with interesting features, it could even become the best anonymous Bitcoin wallet sometime in the future.

Each of the wallets has its advantages and disadvantages, but hopefully, the list above will put you on the right track in choosing an optimal anonymous Bitcoin wallet.


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