Satoshi Nakamoto’s statue project gains popularity in Kiev

A part of a global campaign that aims to build monuments of Satoshi Nakamoto around the world is believed to gain support in Kiev. Rumors suggest that the statue would be placed where Lenin’s used to stand and was brought down in December 2013.

The capital city of Ukraine, Kiev, might be chosen to host the monument of Bitcoin’s and blockchain’s initiator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Kiev is one of the most popular centers for blockchain supporters in Eastern Europe. The statue would be placed in the same spot where Lenin’s statue stood before it was destroyed by protesters during the Euromaidan demonstrations in 2013.

Now, on the Kiev’s main intersection, on the Khreshchatyk street and Taras Shevchenko Boulevard has become a popular place for political artwork. In 2014, a golden toilet was installed on the pedestal, which was viewed as a protest against the country’s past president, Viktor Yanukovych, who presumably had golden toilets in his estate.

Virtual reality to depict Satoshi

Meanwhile, there are rumors that the people behind the project will release a VR app first. It would show Satoshi’s monument when a smartphone’s camera would be directed on the pedestal. The Ukrainian company Raccoon World claimed that they will contribute in realizing the idea.

The Blockchain Republic

There is a global initiative to establish Satoshi monuments around the world. The people behind it want to establish a “Blockchain Republic”. Ukrainian entrepreneur Alexander Soroka has already donated one Bitcoin for the monument project.

The first crypto-related monument was erected in Kranj, Slovenja. The installation is a large logo of a Bitcoin placed in the center of a crossroad.


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