Top 9 Crypto Blogs to Follow in 2018

The blockchain technology is constantly evolving, and so are cryptocurrencies. If you have ever been interested in the news and changes in the crypto market, a specialized blog with regular uploads should keep you informed at all times.

Every day, the prices of cryptocurrencies oscillate, the protocols change, hacker attacks happen, and new technologies are implemented in every field of the cryptocurrency niche. To follow up to all of the facts and causes, you can check some of the blogs listed below.


The blog was created about 5 years ago, and the feed is supplied by many blockchain enthusiasts and journalists, who have been active in the crypto community for a long time. You can find the latest news about diverse events in the cryptocurrency niche. The articles also contain opinionated explanations from many crypto experts.

Bitcoin News

On Bitcoin News, you’ll find much more than just articles about daily occurrences in the crypto world. Besides that, the site teaches you how to secure a Bitcoin wallet, find a good exchange, and not get scammed when trading cryptocurrencies. The site was initiated by Roger Ver, who is one of Bitcoin’s earliest enthusiasts, and is behind multiple startup companies in Silicon Valley.


This site focuses more on the educational content than on the actual news. You can find the exact exchange rate of several cryptocurrencies at the top of the front page. Besides that, there is a video section with interesting courses that cover a big number of crypto-related topics.

 ETH News

If you are looking for a website to expand your knowledge about Ethereum, Ethnews is the right place. The blog focuses on Ethereum’s technology and the news about it. There are also other sections on ETH News where you can find educational content, such as guides on how to correctly invest  in Ethereum. The blog also runs mobile apps, that are available for Android and iOS.

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is similar to ETH News, in the way that it focuses predominantly only one cryptocurrency, and in this case, it’s Bitcoin. This is a good place if you need any information about Bitcoin, as having it all on one website will save you a lot of time. The blog has a huge community, and despite that there are some ads, the website was designed to make it easy for people to understand the main and most relevant principles of the blockchain technology.


NEWSBTC brings you the latest news about cryptocurrencies. A lot of their articles focus on the analysis of crypto trade and its development in the near future. If you want to make an investment, but you might be in doubt considering the hardly predictable price oscillations, the blog could give you some advice about the further fate of the cryptocurrencies.

On their page, you can also find educational content, as well as reviews about diverse businesses involved in the crypto industry.

99 Bitcoins 

If you need a blog with less focus on news, and more educational content, 99 Bitcoins might be your best choice. They have reviews about ICO’s, diverse cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and wallets. They publish a lot of videos, so you can also scroll through and find a quick, and easy comprehensible tutorial about a topic in the cryptocurrency sphere.


CoinDesk is a neat blog that contains a lot of technical content related to cryptocurrencies. If you are new to the topic, it would be better to start off somewhere else, however, if you want to get a little more geeky about it, CoinDesk is a nice place for that.

Crypto Insider

Here, you can find articles that focus on the most relevant stories in the crypto world. The writers of this blog are very selective with their content, which is a plus if you are in need of trustworthy information related to cryptocurrencies.

Naturally, you can also stop by Cryptocomparison for the latest news in the cryptocurrency world. Our news section covers the latest prices, protocol changes, and breaking news you should be aware of as a cryptocurrency investor.


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