Wikileaks Account Suspended by Coinbase

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has suspended the Wikileaks online store account for infringing their Terms of Service.

Infamous website Wikileaks announced on April 20th that Coinbase has closed their account without any notice. The exchange sent them a letter, highlighting that they should “implement regulatory compliance mechanisms”.

Wikileaks’ shop is selling various merchandise, mainly accessories such as phone cases, mugs and some of their branded clothing.

The closing of their account’s means that Wikileaks won’t be able to collect any more payments through the service.

In answer to that, Wikileaks announced on Twitter that they “will call for a global blockade of the exchange, as they are an unfit member of the crypto community”.

A Coinbase representative refrained from giving any detail, noting that they “don’t comment on individual accounts”.

The move became ironical, as Wikileaks attracted many users into Bitcoin trading in 2010. In that period, PayPal, Visa, and banks rejected partnerships with Wikileaks. Its existence was supported by crypto donations and their activity on the exchanges. Now, Coinbase is walking in the steps of traditional payment methods by stopping their support of Wikileaks.

The exchange has stated that their merchant services are currently undergoing a change. They shall not support custodial merchant processing solutions, which will be substituted with a free, non-custodial solution.

Andreas Antonopoulos, writer of best-selling books Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum, among others, commented that this action wouldn’t have any substantial effect, as there are many other crypto exchanges around to support websites like Wikileaks.


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