ZCash Software Update Scheduled for June 2018

One of the leading altcoins in the crypto niche, ZCash has announced its first software update in a post on their official blog.  The update is unlikely to result in a fork for the privacy-oriented currency, but will rather ‘pave the way’ for another upcoming network update scheduled for September 2018.

Known as ‘Overwinter’, ZCash’s first software update will bring some improved features to the table. Most of them are general updates to facilitate transactions, including ‘versioning, replay protection for network upgrades, performance improvements for transparent transactions, a new feature of transaction expiry, and more.’ The update will be available for the stable zcashd client starting April 2018, but the official chain update will not commence until June 25th.

The update is unlikely to result in a fork, as mentioned by the Zcash developers on their blog. People using the official zcashd client have nothing to worry about – the update will be launched and installed automatically, but they might have to resubmit any transactions made near the time of the upgrade. However, the website also warns ZCash owners that use third-party wallets that they are ‘in danger of splitting off from the upgrade and remaining on the old protocol,’ should the third party not support the network upgrade.

Overwinter is the first ZCash software update that is preparing the network for a major upgrade to come in September, named Sapling. Sapling is said to implement faster zk-SNARKs (the cryptography methods used for ZCash transaction encryptions), a new proving system, and a new multi-exponentiation algorithm for increased security and transparency.


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